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My account sucks !!!

2011-06-09 07:57:15 by Bleur

New picture !!! YaY

Still in progress

2007-12-05 09:41:20 by Bleur

Well I don´t know, what you´re talking about !!!

Hello folks !!!

I got the idea to make a collab with you guys out there, all over the world.
With you, have fun creating flash movies and and share them to other people,
to have fun with it.

My problem is, i dont finish my projects, i got so many projects on my computer,
and none of them is real finish.
Yeah you could might think, sure this sucks balls, the old man´s day trailer.
Okay but it was a long time ago.
And i think i´m getting better.
(Wtf do you talking about)

Right okay.
In fact i want to reach a goal, in this day it have to be finish and it will be finished.
Thats the point.

I thought it could be something funny, violant or something.
We trade our infos, ideas and create a flash film together.
In short or other way.

Okay thats it for the first

It´s defnitly for those guys with the same problem and not the high skill.
*Like Dan Palladin*

Thx for reading

PS:Sry for my english hope you understand it well.
Ask if you have any question !!! I will answer that.
Hope you join, to have fun.